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The Yury Gelman Foundation Mission

The Yury Gelman Foundation is a charitable organization that uses the Olympic sport of fencing in a way that assists economically challenged youth to establish essential life skills of self-discipline and organization, goal setting, strong study habits and a solid work ethic.

The Foundation supports these developing athletes by offering the following opportunities:

  • Intensive training programs designed and supervised by Olympic caliber coaches consisting of year-round group and individual lessons
  • Mentoring programs staffed by accomplished Olympians and National Team members as well as community and business leaders to develop strong competitive, social, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Academic tutoring to foster scholastic performance on par with athletic accomplishment
  • Nutritional education and general fitness training to promote healthy lifestyles;
  • Financial support to help athletes participate in National and International competitions
  • College placement programs

Yury Gelman’s Vision

“My dream is to give everyone a chance to have access to the sport of fencing and to create strong members of our society. I want to help children become leaders, see the world, and be part of our community. We will teach these students self-discipline, mental acuity, the ability to work hard, and to go over their limit in sports and academics. We will offer instruction with the best coaches and create well-rounded and successful individuals.”

~Yury Gelman

Supported by:

Uhlmann Fencing
Manhattan Fencing Center

“Artists and the Art of Fencing” is a fundraising collaboration between The Yury Gelman Foundation and the emerging artists. The organizers believe fencing and fine art are mirror forms of human excellence and achievement. A fencer is an artist. A fencer masters their weapon the same way as an artist masters their chosen tool for creation. The collaboration aims to draw attention to the paths each take to achieve excellence in their artistic discipline. Dismiss