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The Yury Gelman Foundation Mission

The Yury Gelman Foundation is a charitable organization that uses the Olympic sport of fencing in a way that assists economically challenged youth to establish essential life skills of self-discipline and organization, goal setting, strong study habits and a solid work ethic.

The Foundation supports these developing athletes by offering the following opportunities:

  • Intensive training programs designed and supervised by Olympic caliber coaches consisting of year-round group and individual lessons
  • Mentoring programs staffed by accomplished Olympians and National Team members as well as community and business leaders to develop strong competitive, social, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Academic tutoring to foster scholastic performance on par with athletic accomplishment
  • Nutritional education and general fitness training to promote healthy lifestyles;
  • Financial support to help athletes participate in National and International competitions
  • College placement programs

Yury Gelman’s Vision

“My dream is to give everyone a chance to have access to the sport of fencing and to create strong members of our society. I want to help children become leaders, see the world, and be part of our community. We will teach these students self-discipline, mental acuity, the ability to work hard, and to go over their limit in sports and academics. We will offer instruction with the best coaches and create well-rounded and successful individuals.”

~Yury Gelman

Supported by:

Uhlmann Fencing
Manhattan Fencing Center