About Yury Gelman - Yury Gelman Foundation Website
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Who Is Yury Gelman?

Yury Gelman is a five-time Olympic Coach for the United States. Yury has been the Head Coach of Fencing for the Red Storm Teams at St. John’s University, since 1995. In 2010 he was honored with induction into the Fencing Hall of Fame.  As a Coach, Yury has dedicated his life as an educator to training and promoting the benefits of the sport of Fencing.

Yury’s goal is to offer tutoring, college placement advice and personally mentor and work with each student the Yury Gelman Foundation is able to sponsor. With your support and commitment, he can make this happen! Over the past twenty years, Yury has prepared 24 students for the United States National Teams.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Yury’s students achieved…

  • Daryl Homer, Silver Medalist
  • Dagmara Wozniak, Bronze Medal winner U.S. Women Saber Team
  • Monica Aksamit, Bronze Medal winner U.S. Women Saber Team